USAID Government Accountability Initiative Supports Local Governments to Implement New Law on Public Procurement

August 3, 2020

USAID Government Accountability Initiative (GAI) is providing technical assistance to the cities of Sombor, Šabac and Novi Pazar to develop new internal acts according to the new 2019 Law on Public Procurement. The internal act will enable these three local governments to align their internal public procurement procedures and organizational processes with the provisions of the new Law.

The new public procurement law was adopted on December, 2019 in order to ensure compliance with the EU acquis communautaire in this area, with respect to the benchmarks set in the EU Negotation chapter 5 related to public procurement. The law, which entered into effect on July 1 2020, introduced new sets of instruments and procedural tools for public procurements, as well as new sets of competencies of state institutions in this area. All novelties should enable better management in public procurement, savings, optimizations of public funds use, decrease of misconduct and competitiveness.

Considering the new instruments and procedural tools that the 2019 law introduced, GAI supports Sombor, Šabac and Novi Pazar in creating new internal acts in accordance with Article 49 of the 2019 law. Internal acts should cover the main steps of the public procurement process, starting from planning and conducting public procurement to monitoring the execution of public procurement contracts.

The internal acts that will be developed in three of GAI’s LSGs partners will be adapted to the organization, structure and competencies of local governments and will be available as models to be shared with other LSGs. Having in mind the recommendation that internal act should be adopted by local assemblies, it is expected that local governments will have new acts on public procurement once new assemblies are constituted in August or September 2020.

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