USAID Government Accountability Initiative and Transparency Serbia Help 13 Cities and Municipalities Improve Transparency in Their Work

March 10, 2020

The USAID Government Accountability Initiative and Transparency Serbia provided support to 13 partner cities and municipalities to improve their transparency and accessibility of information and data that is relevant to citizens and the general public. Support was provided by organizing three regional workshops (in Belgrade, Niš and Vrnjacka Banja), at which the results of the Local Transparency Index for 2019 were presented, followed by the discussion on possibilities for improving that index.

Transparency Serbia conducted a detailed analysis for each of the 13 local governments, along with recommendations and provided individual consultations to all interested cities and municipalities. If implemented, the recommendations will result in better results of cities and municipalities in the ongoing measurement of transparency in 2020.

Workshops were attended by 30 participants, including mayors of local governments, assistants and deputy mayors, representatives of local assemblies, persons in charge of media, communications and availability of information of public importance, web site administrators and others.

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