USAID GAI Second Newsletter for Local Self-Governments

USAID GAI Second Newsletter for Local Self-Governments

August 4, 2021

USAID Government Accountability Initiative issued a second Newsletter for Local Self-Governments which presents activities and results on the development of single administrative points and recommendations for improving transparency, services, and citizen participation through better websites of cities and municipalities. We have continued working on involving young people in budget planning through the systematization of lessons learned and experiences and through the development of manuals for student parliaments and local governments. We are very pleased to support the initiative of the Local Anti-Corruption Forum of the city of Kragujevac in organizing an art and literary competition for students on the topic of corruption and nepotism in education. We have continued to increase the capacity of local governments through training that enhances their accountability and good governance, such as training on the implementation of the Public Procurement Law, the Law on Personal Data Protection, and training on better and more efficient use of social networks. Preparations for activities to strengthening citizen participation in decision-making, primarily participation in local budget planning, are underway.

We hope that you will find stories and practices, as well as our beneficiaries’ experiences, inspirational and useful in your work in building sound local governance and improving accountability.

The newsletter is available both in English and Serbian.

English version of the Newsletter can be downloaded here:

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