Trainings on the Implementation of the Public Procurement Law

Trainings on the Implementation of the Public Procurement Law

July 20, 2021

Continuing to provide technical support to partner local self-governments, the USAID Government Accountability Initiative is conducting a series of trainings on the implementation of the Public Procurement Law. The program contains ten half-day online trainings covering more than 20 topics related to the implementation of the Law. The topics were determined on the basis of surveys of representatives of partner local self-governments in order to ensure that relevant issues are covered, possible doubts are resolved, and avoid the repetition of information that local self-government representatives had the opportunity to receive at trainings in the previous period.

So far, five trainings have been held, while the others will be realized during September 2021.

Materials from previous trainings are available on the website of Government Accountability Initiative, at the following link: Presentations from trainings for the implementation of the Public Procurement Law for local self-governments.


TOPIC 1 – Preparation for the implementation of public procurement procedures

TOPIC 2 – Implementation of the public procurement procedure


TOPIC 1- Public procurement procedures – types, deadlines, most important elements, conditions for implementation

TOPIC 2- Special techniques – framework agreement, electronic catalog, electronic auction



Topic 1- Exceptions from the implementation of the PPL, procurement below the thresholds from Article 27 of the PPL

Topic 2- Social and other special services, social protection services


TOPIC 1 – Criteria for qualitative selection of a business entity and the manner of evidencing, using the capacity of another

TOPIC 2 – Contract award criteria


TOPIC 1 – Expert evaluation of bids and award of contract / suspension of procedure, change of award decision

TOPIC 2 – Execution of contracts and amendments to public procurement contracts


TOPIC 1 – Procedure for the protection of rights

TOPIC 2 – Practice of the Republic Commission for Protection of Rights in Public Procurement Procedures


TOPIC 1- Negotiating procedure without publishing a call for bids

TOPIC 2- Framework agreement


TOPIC 1- Technical specifications – determination, responsibility, method of evidencing

TOPIC 2 – Practice of the Republic Commission – technical specifications


TOPIC 1 – Public procurement portal – errors in handling and filling in, presentation of actions according to the needs of participants.

TOPIC 2 – Public procurement portal – protection of rights


TOPIC 1- The most common reasons for annulment of public procurement procedures by the Republic Commission

TOPIC 2 – The most common irregularities observed by the Public Procurement Office and the State Audit Institution

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