The Conflict of Interest Training of Members of the Monitoring Body for the Implementation of Local Anti-Corruption Plans

August 5, 2020

USAID Government Accountability Initiative and Transparency Serbia organized the second in a series of online trainings for members of independent monitoring bodies for the implementation of local anti-corruption plans (LAPs). Organization of thematic trainings in the areas covered by LAPs has emerged as a need for members of the bodies monitoring the implementation of this document to gain sufficient knowledge and understand the situation in these areas and to properly monitor measures to reduce corruption in local governments.

The second training was dedicated to the conflict of interest. Participants had opportunity to learn what conflict of interest is, namely, what is a conflict between public interest and private interests of public official and civil servants. Training was also opportunity to discuss the types of conflict of interest, how to recognize conflict of interest, how to regulate and manage it, as well as what are international standards in this regard. Transparency Serbia presented ways in which conflict of interest is covered in Local Anticorruption Plans, in other words, how member of independent monitoring bodies should pay their attention during the LAP monitoring. In next period, it is planned to organize trainings on other topics, in accordance with the needs and interests of members of these bodies.


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