On January 26, the State Audit Institution released the results of three recent performance audits.

SAI reported that local self-governments did not undertake sufficient measures to provide and supervise delivery of the support needed for large numbers of children in need of personal companion services.  In its report entitled Services in the Field of Social Welfare – Personal Companion of a Child  SAI concluded that personal companion services were not established by 33% of cities and municipalities in Serbia in 2019. In nearly 29 local self-governments, where this service was established, services were provided by unlicensed organizations, which raised questions about the quality of services provided. Inefficient and inadequate provision of services resulted from the lack of planning and financial resources in the budgets of local governments for the implementation of this service.  In addition, the lack of local regulations, a small number of licensed organizations to provide services, and insufficient monitoring created the risk of inefficient provision and deprived children of needed services.