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October 8, 2019

Communication and Outreach Support to State Audit Institution

Communication is one of the most important skills nowadays and for the business or institution it is highly important to clearly communicate their values and purpose through strategic communication. Strategic communication can be understood as communication that is aligned with an institution’s overall strategy in order to enhance its strategic positioning. Therefore, USAID Government Accountability Initiative has been providing technical assistance to State Audit Institution in the area of communication and outreach. GAI has been working with SAI to produce a comprehensive Communication Strategy.

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June 23, 2019

Improving Local Government Communication with Citizens Through Social Media

Access to the internet has created connections and opportunities for local governments to communicate with the public that previously have not existed. New technologies and the internet have impacted the way public administration operates enabling greater efficiency in delivery of information and services to citizens and businesses and importantly, creating opportunities for more transparency and accountability in public administration. With the development of social media, a new means of communication with citizens and business has emerged and local governments are often slow to grasp the opportunities that the newer communication platforms provide.

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