Sombor, Šabac and Novi Pazar Adopt New Internal Acts in Line With the New Public Procurement Law

September 30, 2020

USAID Government Accountability Initiative provides technical assistance to the cities of Sombor, Šabac and Novi Pazar in the adoption of new internal acts in line with the new Public Procurement Law. These internal (special) acts will enable these LSGs to harmonize their internal procedures and organizational processes with the provisions of the new law.

The new Public Procurement Law was adopted in December 2019 in order to ensure harmonization with the EU acquis communautaire in this area, with full adherence to the requirements envisaged within the negotiation chapter 5 that deals with public procurement. The law, whose implementation started on July 1, 2020 introduces a number of new instruments and tools for conducting the public procurement procedures and new competences of state authorities in this area. All the developments were introduced in order to ensure better management of public procurement, savings and optimal use of public resources, reduce abuse and foster competitiveness. With the support of USAID Government Accountability Initiative, Novi Pazar City Council adopted on September 15, 2020 a new Internal act which regulates in more detail the rules and procedures in planning and conducting of public procurement procedures.

The special act regulates in more detail planning and conducting of public procurement procedures and monitoring the execution of the public procurement contract within the organizational units, including planning and conducting of procurement procedures not covered by the scope of the law, as well as the procurement of social and other special services. Particular attention was given to identifying the method of communication, rights and obligations of contracting authority representatives that take part in all the stages in public procurement procedures, from the planning stage to the execution of the public procurement contract.

In the process of development of this act, special consideration was given to organizational structure of Novi Pazar local administration, taking into account the responsibilities assigned to individual organizational units within the local government.

A separate section was produced to regulate the procurement which falls outside the scope of implementation of the law. Considering that the newly-established thresholds under which the contracting authorities are obliged to conduct a public procurement procedure have been increased significantly compared to the previous law, it was necessary to develop a unique way to regulate the procedures and processes in these situations, in order to ensure the greatest possible transparency of these procurement procedures and better competition among the potential bidders.

A significant section of the special act is about regulating the ways of monitoring and control of execution of concluded public procurement contracts. This stage was often neglected in the past, but may ultimately contain a number of omissions and irregularities due to which the procurement may prove uneconomical and inefficient, thereby failing to meet its main goal – satisfying the citizens’ needs and achieving value for money.

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