Adjudication of corruption cases

GAI works with specialized anticorruption court units and public prosecutors’ offices to support the implementation of the March 2018 Law on Organization and Jurisdictions of State Bodies in Fight Against Organized Crime, Corruption and Financing of Terrorism, and assist in streamlining adjudication of corruption cases and creation of an electronic register of corruption cases (ERCC).

GAI provides focused training to these specialized units, in synergy with the Judicial Academy, to enable unified data entry, access and collection. Also, GAI offers guidance through international best practice exchange on the prosecution and adjudication of corruption cases through provided by national and international experts.

Furthermore, GAI initiated drafting of the Anticorruption Practicum that will act as a procedural guide on innovative ways for investigation, prosecution and adjudication of corruption cases and financial crimes for investigators, public prosecutors and judges. The drafting of the Practicum will be followed by a series of trainings and design of an e-learning course with the Judicial Academy for legal professionals enrolled with initial and in-service training programs.

GAI assists specialized anticorruption units in courts and public prosecutor`s offices in the development of procedures and methodology for data collection, record keeping and statistical reporting on corruption cases.

The electronic register will provide timely information on the status of corruption cases, detect bottlenecks in prosecution and adjudication cases and enable identification of strategies to increase efficiency of business processes in the counterpart institutions. The ERCC’s utility will be three-fold – at the operational level – for specialized anticorruption court and public prosecutor’s office management; at the internal policy level – for the Ministry of Justice and the Supreme Court of Cassation and at the level of EU integration – for adhering to the EU reporting requirements under Negotiation Chapter 23.


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