Local Transparency Index (LTI) for 2020 Presented – All USAID Government Accountability Initiative Supported Local Governments Increase Their LTI Scores

May 29, 2020

Transparency Serbia and USAID presented the Local Transparency Index (LTI) for 2020 on May 29, 2020. The event was held online, with introductory speeches from Mr. Nemanja Nenadic, Transparency Serbia’s Program Director and Ms. Shanley Pinchotti, USAID Director of the Office for Democratic and Economic Growth. Also, mayors from the three highest scoring local governments – Bečej, Novi Pazar and Sombor, spoke of their experiences and motivation to work on strengthening the transparency of their local governments.

Mr. Zlatko Minić, Project Coordinator for Transparency Serbia, presented the results, stating that the LTI survey was conducted in the first quarter of 2020, based on research conducted on 145 local self-governments (cities and municipalities) and 25 city municipalities throughout Serbia.

The national average LTI for 2020 is 46 out of 100, representing an improvement in comparison to the average 2019 LTI score of 40 for 6 points. This is also the first improvement in the overall LTI score since 2015. In comparison to the 2019 LTI, almost three quarters of local governments have improved their scores. The largest increases were noted in the areas of publishing budget information and in developing and publishing local anti-corruption action plans.

GAI has supported a broad range of activities targeting transparency for GAI’s 13 counterpart local governments, including development of LAPs, recommendation of a website model for local governments, assessments of local government websites with detailed recommendations for improvement of data availability and accessibility, and support for public participation processes. GAI has also implemented targeted technical assistance for improvement in indicators of transparency used for the LTI, analyzing their LTI 2019 scores and identifying areas and activities to improve them. The local governments worked both individually and with GAI’s support and improved their transparency. This is reflected in the increase in their overall average scores of more than 11 points, as GAI counterpart 2019 average LTI score was 44.7, while their 2020 average LTI score is 56.

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