Final Public Debate on Draft Local Anticorruption Plan for the City of Vranje

Final Public Debate on Draft Local Anticorruption Plan for the City of Vranje

July 23, 2019

On Monday, July 22, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Government Accountability Initiative, Transparency Serbia, and the City of Vranje presented the final draft of the Local Anticorruption plan and held a round table and the final in a series of public debates about the plan. The participants had the opportunity to provide their opinion, suggestions and comments on the Draft of this document to which the Working Group worked from January to June 2019 with the intensive support of Transparency Serbia.

Nenad Antić, deputy mayor of Vranje and coordinator for ethics and integrity, Nemanja Nenadić, Program Director of Transparency Serbia and Ana Martinović, Deputy Director of the Government Accountability Initiative, addressed the present representatives of the city administration, the media and the civil sector. At the round table, the focus of discussion was on insufficient public interest in public debates on documents adopted by the City and the need for local self-government and the public to be more involved in the field.

The Local anticorruption plan is a document that helps prevent corruption in the work of local public institutions and protects the public interest, and the city of Vranje has adopted its first LAP in 2015, pointing to the need and significance of the existence of this document. Due to the fact that the Anti-Corruption Agency published the LAP Model in 2017, according to which all LSGs should adopt this act, the city of Vranje has revised this document, updated it and made applicable to current needs. After the adoption of the LAP in the City Assembly, the Government Accountability Initiative and Transparency Serbia will continue to work with Vranje to establish a Local Anticorruption Forum, an independent LAP monitoring body, which is the next important step in the implementation of this document.

The USAID Government Accountability Initiative supports LSGs efforts to increase public participation in local government decision-making process and oversight while creating mechanisms for local self-governments to operate in a more transparent and responsive manner. It currently partners with the following seven local self-governments: Šabac, Sombor, Vranje, Vrnjačka Banja, Raška, Sjenica, and Dimitrovgrad.

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