Communication and Outreach Support to State Audit Institution

Communication and Outreach Support to State Audit Institution

October 8, 2019

Communication is one of the most important skills nowadays and for the business or institution it is highly important to clearly communicate their values and purpose through strategic communication. Strategic communication can be understood as communication that is aligned with an institution’s overall strategy in order to enhance its strategic positioning. Therefore, USAID Government Accountability Initiative has been providing technical assistance to State Audit Institution in the area of communication and outreach. GAI has been working with SAI to produce a comprehensive Communication Strategy.

In the course of this support, on October 7, GAI provided a condensed workshop on strategic communications audit report messaging to SAI leadership—including President, Vice-President and Members of the Council, SAI Sector Heads, and selected SAI Team Leaders. The workshop was focused on strategic communication and its importance, main communication tools and SAI desired positioning, and strategic communication with SAI stakeholders: media, citizens, Parliament, auditees, CSOs, academia.

Two GAI consultants led a workshop, and SAI SWOT analysis has been discussed in the area of communications, review of SAI’s internet and social media presence, and development of a “Message House”. SAI auditors have been challenged to simplify messages on audit results for the media to better report, and the public to better understand SAI’s contributions to improved governance accountability.

Workshop also included the importance of deductive (vs. inductive) communications and reporting, some graphical and video examples of how other supreme audit institutions present themselves to the media and public, and how EUROSAI defines public and private external stakeholders. Interactive workshop included exercises for the participants on simplifying audit results into newspaper headlines, and to present audit results to various types of external stakeholders (e.g., parliamentarians, civil society organizations, academics, and specialized media reporters). As a follow up, GAI supported media trainings – hands-on practical trainings about working with journalists and the media, to SAI leadership and PA team leaders.

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